Why creamed honey is so loved by kids and parents?


Almost all honey crystallizes over time – some while still in the comb, others within a few days, weeks or months after extraction. Some honey crystallizes faster than others – this depends on the individual type of nectar from which the bees have made honey: the more sugar within the honey, the more is possible that it will crystallize. Even though honey never spoils, the crystallization makes honey looks ugly and sugary and gives a grainy sensation in the mouth. Many consumers are unable to appreciate it and associate unpleasant, granulated texture with poor quality honey or fake honey, adulterated with white sugar. Of course, it is natural, pure sugar from the bees – crystallization is a natural process and doesn’t compromise the quality of honey any way. Therefore, since some types of honey rush to crystallize very fast, manufacturers cream the honey to slow down or prevent crystallization.

Creamed honey is 100% pure honey that has been processed to control crystallization. The creaming process creates a product with a very small crystal size – less than 25 microns (0.025mm) – so fine, that the honey appears smooth and silky with spreadable consistency.

When you have bio-certification like our farm, it means maintaining the highest environmental standard possible. Bees work extraordinary hard and if you want to benefit from their magical creations, you must be the same. So we work diligent to take all the goodness of our raw honey and to turn it at its most luxurious: whipped to perfection, silky-smooth natural product that is worth all the effort. Because our customers deserve honey the way nature intended.


 Creamed honey is made from 100 % pure raw honey. Even though we call it “creamed”, it does not contain any dairy and has nothing added. The creamy smooth consistency is obtained through a controlled crystallization process, producing very fine uniform crystals, which prevent the formation of larger crystals. Honey that has been pasteurized and high pressure filtered won’t granulate too, but all these heating processes turn it in just liquid sugar with no healthy enzymes – the reason we eat honey.

Creamed honey has the same nutritional value as its liquid counterpart. The biologically active consistency of honey stays the same with the creaming process, as well as, all its compounds, great taste and pleasant aroma. Creamy honey allows you enjoy the benefits of honey straight from the hive, which contains over 140 compounds, including vitamins, minerals, essential oils, proteins and antioxidants.


All of the calories in creamed honey come from carbohydrates. Within the complicated chemical composition of honey the main components are carbohydrates. They act as  primary source of our body’s energy.

Each tablespoon of creamed honey contains 60 Kcal. That’s about just 3 percent of the daily suggested intake of 2 000. However, managing your weight you could easily burn off these 60 calories by:

  • Walking – 16 minutes;
  • Bicycling – 8 minutes;
  • Running – just 6 minutes!


We produce three types of delicious creamed honey: Natural Creamed Honey, Creamed Honey with Organic Cocoa, Creamed Honey with Organic Coconut and Creamed Honey with Organic Cinnamon. All they made from pure raw honey harvested from our bee-farm, blended with organic vanilla and organic cocoa.

For the chocolate lovers, there is no better way to satisfy their love of chocolate than with our Cocoa Creamed Honey. Instead of the refined sugar used in traditional chocolate or puddings, our products combine raw honey and carefully sourced organic cacao and vanilla. The balance of these fantastic ingredients makes our creamed honeys so special.

Enjoy by testing them on warm buttered toast, biscuit, ice cream, in oatmeal, or a spoonful in tea or coffee.

SO, WHY CREAMED HONEY IS so loved by kids and parents?

If you haven’t tasted creamed honey you’ve missed out one of life’s pleasures. It has an irresistibly smooth, spreadable consistency and delicious taste. Creamed honey is the same flavor in a thicker, richer texture. To produce a thicker honey we don’t add chemicals, but take advantage of a natural process and make it better. Creamed Honey spreads well similar to peanut butter, but is heavy and dense. So, if you love the sweet yummy taste of honey but hate the sticky drips that are often associated with it, all you need is creamed honey.

With its fluffy consistency is easy to remove from a jar and it spreads splendidly on toast, biscuits, rolls. It can still be used for baking and cooking or just use it by the spoonful.

Creamed honey is an excellent way for storing honey as it does not go back to crystallization and it will maintain its consistency even if you keep it in your pantry, or better yet, right on your table! But be warned that once you taste it, it’s hard to put it back down…

Since it is less messy than liquid honey, the creamy is great for kids too!

It is the best and most natural nutrition for your little ones. Collected from clean mountain areas, farmed 100% free of antibiotics and pesticides creamed honey is easily absorbed by more sensitive children’s digestive systems. When kids get hungry, it’s important to give them snacks that not only delight them, but provide healthy nutrients for their growing bodies. Fruits and vegetables are great, but there is one thing that can tie all them together – creamed honey, of course! Let your kids enjoy this delicious goodness.

Creamed honey is nutritious, sweet and extremely versatile in recipes. Adding honey to your

drinks, juices, dressings and bakery instead of sugar providing a delicate flavor and numerous vitamins and minerals.

Some people never go back to regular honey after trying creamy, so be creative and enjoy this spreadable delight and delicious treat!