About us

Pastili is a company specialized in the production, processing and packing of Bulgarian honey and bee products. Pastili is also the biggest honeycomb producer in Europe with early capacity of more than quarter million honeycombs. The business model that we stick to is to operate both the primary production of bee products and the whole processing and packing process.

Our apiaries are certified for organic farming and the production process is carried out in our GMP and HACCP certified factory in full compliance with the EU standards. We also purchase honey from Bulgarian beekeepers as we treat the whole process as honey derived from our own apiaries and select only the finest and highest quality Bulgarian honey.

We are focused in producing highest possible quality and perfectly looking end products. Our whole business is structured for producing and packing finished products directly for the retail businesses around the world. The automated lines and highly narrow focus allows us to be cost effective and very flexible in providing our customers with the perfect product to position on the store shelf.

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