Bee Pollen Powder as diet supplement for Horses

Bee pollen has gained traction in animal feeding and diet supplements, especially for Horses because of its health benefits and rich composition of nutrients, amino acids, lipids, vitamins C, A, E, B-complex, carotenoids, folic acid and more than 250 active substances. Research studies shows that bee pollen has immunizing effect, counteract the effects of chemical toxins known as the most severe stressors to a horse’s immune system.

Pastili’s bee pollen powder is 100% natural product sourced from selected apiaries in clean mountain regions of Bulgaria, a high quality product without any impurities and GMO. It is then processed in strictly controlled environment under company’s HACCP and GMP high standards and grinded into fine powder for easy digestion.

Our bee pollen fine powder is used by owners and trainers of Horses to achieve numerous effects:

  • Increasing strength, endurance and energy
  • Fast recovering from intense trainings
  • Better brain function
  • Stabilizing metabolism and production of blood cells
  • Increasing reproductive health
  • Maintaining skin health and histamine levels

Bee pollen flavor and taste is highly appreciated by most horses. It usually take part of Horse’s daily diet in doses of between 20g and 35g. Pastili’s Bee Pollen Fine Powder is not a powder fall though the drying racks, but it is especially grinded and with highest quality available. Each batch of pollen is analyzed in reputable laboratories and comply with the strictest EU norms and regulations. It is suitable for both human and animal consumption.