Donika Koleva

June 17, 2024

Pastili participates in the Summer Fancy Food Show – NYC 2024

🐝 Great News! Pastili is excited to share that we’ll be part of the Summer Fancy Food Show, organized by the Specialty Food Association in New […]
March 8, 2024

Celebrating the Queens of Every Hive! Happy International Women’s Day!

December 11, 2023

Happy Holidays from Pastili!

December 1, 2023


At HiveBoutique, we’re more than just about honeycomb; we’re on a mission to change families’ snack choices in the fight against child obesity. Our premium organic […]
October 13, 2023

Bulgarian Organic Honeycomb – The Clean Air Advantage

In a world where air pollution levels are rising at an alarming rate, Bulgaria stands out as a hidden treasure when it comes to producing top-quality […]
September 25, 2023

Pastili Welcomes HiveBoutique: A Symphony of Elegance and Sustainability

Pastili, a trusted name in premium honey products, is delighted to introduce HiveBoutique—a harmonious blend of nature and luxury. Sharing the core ingredient of organic honeycomb […]