The most valuable honeys produced in Bulgaria

You cannot get a sweeter task than trying to determine the most valuable honeys produced in Bulgaria. J There are thousands of different floral plants in our country and honey bees are one of the purest ways to transmute the essence of the earth into a specific food product, which makes honey an endlessly fascinating topic. When the produced honey is 100% pure, unadulterated, untainted by any chemicals or pesticides, it is as good as gold. In trying to narrow down the long list of valuable honeys, we are sure to leave out some honeys that deserve to be on this list. But while all honey varietals are good, not all are equal in terms of healing value. Here are some of the really rarest medical honey types, containing the most valuable properties:

Acacia Honey

The sweet pride of Bulgaria, acacia honey is tricky to obtain as the trees only bloom during a short periodperiod time, when several factors depending entirely on nature should not only exist but be in certain combination, so that bees may collect honey. But that is just one of reasons this type of honey is so expensive and enjoys such a cult.

What is Acacia honey and where does it come from? This honey is obtained from the False Acacia or Black Locust tree (Robinia pseudoacacia) which blooms in early May for just 10-15 days. Acacia honey is very pale and looks so exquisite – like liquid glass. It is slow to crystallize and can remain in a liquid state for a long period of time due to its high concentration of fructose. Acacia honey has a mild, sweet flavor with touches of vanilla. It mixes easily in liquids without changing their taste and aroma, so therefore, it is a good choice for sweetens of drinks and cooking.

What is unique about this honey and what its health benefits are? Despite of its sweetness, Acacia honey has very low sucrose content, so it is the best choice for diabetics. Acacia honey purifies the liver. It acts as a diuretic and antimicrobial agent, and is often defined as a natural antibiotic. Due to its low pollen content, no allergic reactions are caused.

It is а natural treasure of a rich complex of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, substances with anti-cancer properties and biogenic stimulators.

Anyway, despite this entire impressive resume, the only way to find out if it’s the most valuable honey in the world, is to taste it.

Black Forest Honey

The unique product Black Forest Honey become another emblem of Bulgaria.  This type of Bulgarian honey has been approved for registration by the European Commission as a protected designation of origin.

What is black forest honey and where does it come from? The most favourable climatic conditions for collecting of forest honey are available in the Strandzha region. Honey is obtained from the honeydew on the leaves of the trees, the honeydew itself being done with the help of the aphids – they pierce the leaves of the plants and eat some of the sweet juice that flows out. The remaining juice is released as a sticky liquid and stays on the leaves. Here the role of bees is that they gather the honeydew and turn it into black forest (or honeydew) honey, which is rich in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, folic acid, and monosaccharide. Dark, stronger, bolder, with more distinctive flavours, this beguiling honey will keep sending you back for more spoonfuls just to figure out what for God you’re tasting.

What is unique about this honey and what its health benefits are? This is a nutritious elixir with limitless health benefits. What makes it so special is, in no doubt, the way it’s made. The therapeutic qualities of this product lie in its rich content of salt microelements that have passed through the digestive tract of the aphids and then the bees. Double-filtrated, this substance is perfectly absorbable by humans and contains a higher antioxidant, antibacterial activity level, mineral content and greater nutritional and therapeutic benefits than most regular flower honey. It can serve as prebiotic too. So, we collect this organic forest honey and deliver it to you with love and the greatest respect to trees, insects and bees!

Lavender Honey

Lavender is a very special and rare type of honey produced only in a few countries as southern France and Bulgaria, but is highly sought after worldwide. Producing lavender honey is a serious labor for bulgarian beekeepers, but the reward is something intensely aromatic that smells a bit like you lying down on a herbs-filled meadow, scattered with bundles of fresh lavender.

What is lavender honey and where does it come from? Real lavender honey is made from the nectar of the lavender flowers, which blankets the mountainsides and fields in purple flowers during the summer. But even if the bees collected nectar from identical plants, local growing conditions makes the nectar taste unique. This nectar offers an exquisite honey, with bright yellow tone, seems to glow from within and pours like melted butter.

If your store-bought honey has a strong lavender smell to it, it might just be infused with lavender, not real lavender honey. The natural lavender honey has a delicately sweet and fragrant flavour and Its odour is only faintly reminiscent of lavender, nothing heavy, understandable why it is a classic favorite.

What is unique about this honey and what its health benefits are? This organic product with high quality standards can be used medicinally as it is rich in numerous health-boosting compounds, from anti-fungal substances and flavonoids to tyrosine. Your body uses tyrosine to make neurotransmitters that may help prevent or treat certain conditions involving the brain. It is anti-convulsant and anti-spasmodic, low in saturated fats, cholesterol, and sodium, rich in amino acids, minerals, and vitamin C. Together, lavender and honey provide a doubly-rich source of health-promoting antioxidants.

Linden Honey

More than spectacular work of bees, linden honey is a mix between pleasure and delicacy. As any monofloral honey, this type of honey is rare and one of the most valuable and best varieties that has been enjoyed for thousands of years.

What is linden honey and where does it come from? Obtained from the blossoms of Linden trees, whose nectar is fine food for bees and draws them from miles around. Тhe result is a sweet gift with flavor sensation for the five senses! The typical odor of its blossoms can be found when you open the jar. In the liquid state, the honey’s colour is greenish-yellow to light amber. The intensity of colour and taste differ depending on the region the honey comes from. Linden honey has a very distinctive taste. It is medium sweet, sometimes with a touch of bitterness. Just taste it – you’ll be stung and happily surprised by this delight.

What is unique about this honey and what its health benefits are? The list of linden honey’s health benefits is impressive. Because of its sedative and antiseptic qualities, it is recommended before bedtime  in cases of anxiety and insomnia. Linden honey is also used in the treatment of colds, cough and bronchitis. The raw organic honey is extremely useful for eye diseases, because it contains beneficial to the retina substances.

In simpler terms, consumption of these incredible types of honey promotes your health. We don’t pasteurise, heat or process the honey. As a result, in the honey dwell all its beneficial antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients and enzymes. In other words, what the bees make is exactly what you get!

Well, knowing all about these amazing hones, doesn’t it tempt you to run out and get a jar, so that you can find out by yourself – What is the best honey in the world?