Pastili Acquires Rosova: A Sweet and Blossoming Collaboration for Enhanced Rose Honey

Pastili, a leader in the manufacturing of natural and organic honey and honeycomb, is excited to announce the acquisition of Rosova, a beloved brand known for its exquisite rose honey. This strategic move expands Pastili’s product portfolio and presents an opportunity to enhance the already delightful rose honey recipe.

The acquisition of Rosova represents a significant milestone for Pastili, as the company further strengthens its position in the market and demonstrates its ongoing commitment to growth and innovation. With an unwavering focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Pastili strives to create unforgettable experiences through its diverse range of organic and natural delicacies

“We are thrilled to welcome Rosova into the Pastili family,” said Donika Koleva, Sales Manager at Pastili. “We look forward to continuing the journey of this beautiful product, making subtle improvements to the recipe while preserving its timeless charm.”

The company’s commitment to providing high-quality organic and natural products will remain at the forefront of this enhancement process.

Furthermore, Pastili’s extensive resources and distribution network will make Rosova’s rose honey more accessible to honey enthusiasts worldwide.

This acquisition opens doors for the expansion of Rosova’s beloved rose honey, allowing more customers to enjoy its enchanting flavor.

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