Pastili Limited is a Bulgarian company specialized in manufacturing and trading of organic and natural honey and is one of the biggest honeycomb producers in Europe. Our business model is to operate both the primary production and the processing and packaging. This allows us to strictly monitor and control the whole process and deliver only high quality products.

The whole production process is carried out in our GMP and HACCP certified factory in full compliance with the EU standards. Along with our own production we purchase honey from other Bulgarian beekeepers as treating the whole business operation like product derived from our own apiaries.

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Why us, why Bulgarian Honey?

Five things that makes us different

Best Quality Available

Bulgarian honey is one of the best quality European honeys. Thanks to the rich plant species and preserved nature, bees collect acacia, linden, forest and herbal honey with unique flavor and great quality.

World Recognized Certifications

Our whole production range is in strict conformity with the international standards. Our facility is certified organic by SGS and all the quality analyses are made at Intertek.

Total Management

We develop our proprietary software solution that allows us to fully tracing every drop of honey down to the specific beekeeper and region. It is also capable to track even the end product.

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We know that client needs are different for every single market. That's why we offer full range of private label services to achieve superior customer value and satisfaction. Our range of services include personalized honey profiles, wide range of jars, custom packaging and labeling.

You can rely on our knowledge of labeling requirements for the different markets and our dedicated product design team. We already have success private label production for EU, USA, Japan, Saudi Arabia and more.

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Our Brands

Our portfolio of brands covers almost every product of the Honey Bee Hive.